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Residual Pressure Utilization Oil Injection Screw Unit
Product Overview

Oil injection screw pressure direct expansion generator unit is a kind of expansion power generation equipment which converts pressure energy into electric energy.

Oil injection screw: the expander is in the form of oil injection screw, and the lubricating oil plays the role of heat attachment, sealing, lubrication and noise reduction. This type of expander has the characteristics of high volumetric efficiency and adiabatic efficiency, and can obtain more net power generation under the same conditions.

Material: gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel and forged steel can be selected according to working conditions and requirements.

Inlet temperature range: - 40 ~ 200 ℃

Inlet pressure range: 0.4MPa ~ 5.0mpa (maximum expansion ratio of single machine is 20)

Flow range: 285 ~ 48000Nm3 / h (depending on working conditions)

Power range: 50 ~ 1250KW (depending on working conditions)

Expander efficiency: 60% ~ 85% (depending on working conditions)

Performance parameters of MSHE-12S~32S series expansion generator unit:

Medium: pipeline natural gas

Working condition: 40/16bar(g)

Medium flow rate: 3400~38400 Nm3/h

Power generation: 50~646kW


Strong adaptability: Stable operation can be performed even when there is pressure and flow fluctuation at the inlet of the expander.

Convenient operation: low working speed, simple maintenance and operation, no need to arrange special personnel on duty.

Compatible with waste heat utilization: low-grade waste heat can be used to add heat to the inlet working fluid of the expander, and the temperature of the waste heat can be as low as 35°C.

By-product cold energy: The by-product at the outlet of the expander is cold energy, which can be comprehensively utilized according to the temperature level or used with a compression condensing unit for deep utilization of cold energy, with a minimum temperature of -50℃.

Flexible utilization: It can be connected to the grid for power generation, including 400V, 6.3kV, 10.5kV synchronous/asynchronous power generation, or directly drive other equipment according to the user's demand.

Product Application

The screw type pressure direct expansion generator is mainly used in the occasions where pressure energy can be used: natural gas city station decompression, pipeline natural gas decompression, wellhead natural gas decompression, process gas decompression, process gas flash evaporation decompression, oil and gas wellhead pressure, chemical plant relaxation pressure, etc.

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