Intelligent-Green Energy-Ecology
Beverage Industry
The beer and beverage processing technology requires a lot of cooling and heating processes. In the beer production process, the main way of energy exchange is steam heating wort. After meeting the technical requirements, the wort is cooled to enter the fermentation process for fermentation. The whole process is kept at low temperature. After the fermentation is mature, it enters the filling process. In the whole process of beer, how to combine heating and cooling methods more reasonably is the main problem of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Micro-Flushing Ice Water Injection Technology
Beer and beverage production processes require a lot of ice water cooling. Traditional small factories generally use Freon chillers or brine units, but they have poor energy saving capabilities. In large factories, ammonia refrigeration systems are generally used to provide 2 degrees ice water to meet the production process requirements. In order to reduce the amount of ammonia injection as much as possible, the new U-turn plate ice-changing unit developed by MOON-TECH has a compact structure, excellent temperature control and efficient operation.
0°C Ice Slurry Technology
Pure water-ice slurry does not have any additives. After the ice slurry enters the ice storage tank, it becomes a mixture of loose ice layer and water. It is a natural 0°C system, and the cold water taken out from it is always around 1°C (as long as the ice is not melted). It is the best high-quality refrigerating source for fresh milk, beer, beverage processing which require temperature of 2-6°C. MOON-TECH DISU ice slurry unit is widely used with its mature technology.
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