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Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Fruit and vegetable processing mainly refers to the pre-cooling and cold storage of fruits and vegetables, as well as the deep processing and quick freezing of fruits and vegetables
Controlled Atmosphere Warehouse
Controlled Atmosphere Warehouse is the most advanced method of fruit and vegetable preservation and storage. In addition to refrigeration, by controlling the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, oxygen concentration and ethylene concentration in the storage environment, it can inhibit the respiration of fruits and vegetables, delay the metabolism process, better keep the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and prolong the storage and preservation period of fruits and vegetables.
0℃ Ice Slurry Pre-Cooling Technology
MOON-TECH DISU ice slurry machine can be widely used in high-end fruit and vegetable pre-cooling industry! It can neutralize the respiratory heat and maintain the optimal freezing temperature of 0℃ in the first time after picking fruits, vegetables and flowers. On the one hand, the original appearance of fruits and vegetables can be retained to the maximum extent! On the other hand, in terms of appearance, the appearance-keeping period of fruits, vegetables and flowers that are processed by ice slurry is more than twice as long as those not processed so! At present, there are two main forms for ice slurry pre-cooling: ice slurry soaking-type pre-cooling & low-temperature high-humidity pre-cooling. Corresponding method can be selected according to different pre-cooling objects.
Fluidized IQF Technology
MOON-TECH fluidized individual quick freezer adopts a two-stage structure. The first stage quickly cools the food surface to the freezing point temperature. Under the action of mechanical vibration, there is no bond between products. The second stage of deep freezing reduces the temperature to minus 18 degrees or less. It is mainly used for freezing granular, flake and block fruits and vegetables, such as green beans, peppers, spinach, carrots, broccoli, strawberries, diced mango, diced apple, etc. MOON-TECH fluidized IDF is equipped with CO2 refrigeration system, which can achieve high efficiency, effective energy saving and better freezing effect.
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