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Logistics Industry
Cold storage has always been the most important part of the logistics industry. Both ordinary cold storage and three-dimensional automatic cold storage are gradually developing towards automation, intelligence, environmental protection and energy saving.
Integrated Solution for One-Stop Cold Storage
With 65 years of experience in system integration design, MOON-TECH has a powerful platform for integrating made-in-China, which can provide users with one-stop cold storage solutions, from project planning to system design, to all product supply, to field installation and commissioning, to localized after-sales service. MOON-TECH can provide full range of products including steel structure, insulation board (PU or PIR), refrigeration system, shelf, tray, automatic sorting, warehousing system and other products. Through scientific integration and perfect design, the customized solution can create economic, energy-saving, environmental and durable cold storage system for clients.
Efficient and Energy Saving Refrigeration System
According to the specific characteristics and actual needs of the project, MOON-TECH can select the appropriate working medium and system to design the most suitable refrigeration system solution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, MOON-TECH has developed CO2 refrigeration system, led the large-scale application of CO2 refrigeration system, and promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized commercial refrigeration products. It promotes the technological progress of food freezing, fresh deep processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other related industries that need artificial refrigeration. CO2 is especially suitable for low temperature refrigeration systems such as individual freezer, quick freezing room and cold storage in poultry processing industry.
Automated Storage& Retrieval System
High degree of automation and intelligence is the development trend of cold storage. The large-scale automatic cold storage project can realize the automation of refrigeration system, safety protection, information tracing and retrieval, and transportation system. It can greatly improve the throughput of cold storage, reduce labor costs, increase land utilization, and improve the efficiency of cold chain logistics and warehousing.
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