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Moon Environment Technology Co., Ltd
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A modern service-oriented enterprise with Large Scale, Wide Coverage, Complete Business Chain, and Strong Comprehensive Research and Development Capabilities.

Founded in 1956,Moon Environment Technology Co., Ltd. is a diversified and international comprehensive equipment industrial enterprise. The main business covers low-temperature refrigeration, central air conditioning, environmental protection heating, energy and chemical equipment, precision castings, smart services, hydrogen energy development, etc. In recent years, MOON-TECH has successively won the titles of Top 30 Enterprises with Core Competitiveness in China's Machinery Industry, Top 100 Enterprises of National Machinery Industry, Meritorious Enterprise of Equipment in China, and Demonstration Enterprise for Ozone Layer Protection.

For a long time, with continuous technological and management innovation, MOON-TECH has promoted the continuous optimization of resource allocation and the reconstruction of core competencies, accelerated international expansion, and deepened strategic transformation. We have transformed from a traditional manufacturing enterprise to a modern service-oriented enterprise with strong competitiveness, large scale, wide coverage, complete business chain, and strong comprehensive research and development capabilities.

With the synchronous development of refrigeration and heat treatment, and actively expanding energy-saving and environmental protection industry as development strategy, MOON-TECH is engaged in the technical research and development of low-temperature environment, waste heat recovery, gas compression, industrial heat exchange, urban energy-saving heating, intelligent casting, ultra clean emission and other fields, as well as the production and sales of related complete sets of equipment, and specializes in food refrigeration, chemical process cooling, comfortable environment air conditioning, research temperature control, process gas compression, building aggregate cooling, comprehensive application of heat energy, permafrost drilling, waste treatment, etc. MOON-TECH has production bases, scientific research centers and marketing & service organizations in more than 40 countries around the world. With safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving butler solutions and intelligent system integration capabilities, MOON-TECH is providing products with entire product life cycle to users in more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

MOON-TECH has 5 national scientific and technological innovation platforms including the National-Recognized Enterprise Technology Center and 14 provincial scientific and technological innovation platforms including the Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Energy Saving and Environmental Protection of Refrigeration Equipment. MOON-TECH has been recognized as a key high-tech enterprise of the China Torch Program, with 263 national patented technologies, and has hosted and participated in the formulation of 20 national standards and 32 industry standards. MOON-TECH has won two national awards, the National Science & Technology Progress Award and the National Technology Invention Award, and has successively won 192 provincial and ministerial scientific and technological achievements awards such as the Special Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of the Chinese Association of Refrigeration and the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Shandong Province.

In the future, MOON will devote itself to the innovation of artificial environment control technology and comprehensive energy utilization technology, actively promote the overall conservation and recycling of resources, advocate a simple and moderate, green and low-carbon social production operation mode, and build an interconnected and complementary system of "refrigeration, heating, water, gas, electricity, sewage, waste", to become a service provider of intelligent clean energy system solutions.

Committed to improving the quality of human life
With "devoting to improving the quality of human life" as the enterprise mission, Moon Environment takes the revitalization of national industry and achievement of customer value as its responsibility, continuously creates and improves its competitive advantage in the field of comprehensive utilization of energy, accelerates the process of globalization, and strives to become an evergreen enterprise with core competitiveness, loved by employees and respected by industry partners.
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烟台冰轮压力容器有限公司创建于 1997年,是冰轮环境技术股份有限公司的控股子公司,主要从事压力容器、锅炉辅机、大中型钢结构件等产品的设计, 制造及销售产品出口到美国、澳大利亚、韩国、日本、科威特、沙特、巴林等国家和地区。

公司总占地面积为 42000m2,建筑面积 16600m2,包括封闭的铆焊车间,具备各种加工设备、成形设备、切割设备、焊接设备起重设备和必要的工装;拥有定向/周向 X 射线探伤机、数字超声波探伤仪、多用磁、 粉探伤机、智能型超声波测厚仪、数字式覆层测厚仪、红外测温仪、数字式水平仪粗糙度测试仪、露点仪等检验与试验装置、仪器。公司有健全的质量保证、安全管理和岗位责任等制度,2008年3月公司通过了ISO9001:2008质量管理体系和ISO14001:2004 环境管理体系认证。