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Screw chiller (heat pump) unit
Screw chiller (heat pump) unit

The screw chiller (heat pump) unit adopts full series of screw refrigeration host, with a variety of condensers, and is pry-mounted as water (air)-cooled chiller (heat pump) unit. The water-cooled chiller (heat pump) units can provide a comfortable air-conditioning environment for villas, office buildings, factories, supermarkets and other occasions, and can meet the demand for domestic hot water supply. Among them, low-temperature and ultra-low temperature heat pump units are suitable for "coal-to-electricity" transformation and central heating projects in the north, and can also be widely used in southern winter regional heating projects; water-cooled chiller (heat pump) units are widely used in regional cooling and heating, as well as public cooling facilities including urban complex, commercial center, airport, rail transit, sports venue, data center, to meet the needs of users for high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection, and help to build green cities.

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