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Frozen processing of Seafood refers to the freezing process of fish, shrimps, crustaceans, shellfish and mollusks cultured or caught in seawater and fresh water for preservation. MOON-TECH provides one package service including project planning, design, supply, installation, commissioning, training and after-sales service, providing perfect turnkey project forSeafood processing clients.
Design and Supply In Accordance With HACCP Standard
For seafood processing plants, HACCP is the most important health standard, which provides the safest health protection for consumers. With rich design experience and high-quality supply, MOON-TECH ensures that all links meet HACCP standards.
Efficient and Energy Saving Refrigeration System
According to the specific characteristics and actual needs of the project, MOON-TECH can select the appropriate working medium and system to design the most suitable refrigeration system solution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, MOON-TECH has developed CO₂ refrigeration system, led the large-scale application of CO₂ refrigeration system, and promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized commercial refrigeration products. It promotes the technological progress of food freezing, fresh deep processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other related industries that need artificial refrigeration. CO₂ is especially suitable for low temperature refrigeration systems such as individual freezer, quick freezing room and cold storage in large and medium-sized seafood processing.
Mature Quick Freezing Technology
In the process of Seafood processing, quick freezing technology is particularly important, which provides an important guarantee for the freshness, nutrition and appearance of Seafood. MOON-TECH has developed and produced a series of high-quality quick freezing devices, such as individual freezer, flat plate machine, quick freezing warehouse and intelligent quick freezing tunnel. The salt water spray quick freezing device adopts two-stage (spray + air cooling) freezing mode, which is efficient and fast, and is especially suitable for the production of large-scale raw shrimp.
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