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Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit

With more than 60 years of manufacturing experience in refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and continuous technical research and development capabilities, MOON Environment Technology Co., Ltd, after years of joint research on production teaching and research, has carried out innovative experimental studies on the theoretical research of thermal and dynamic performance of compressors and the visualization of practical work process, pressure pulsation, rotor force and oil distribution which accuratelv revealed the internal laws between the design parameters such as rotor profile and orifice position and thethermal and dynamic performance of the screw compressor, forming a complete screw compressor desian theory. On this basis, MOON-TECH developed a series of new efficient screw compressor units with more than 10 independent intellectual property rights and core technology.

MOON-TECH screw refrigeration compressor series products are widely used in the fields requiring artificial low temperature environments such as food freezing and refrigeration, chemical processcooling, gas pressurization and liquefaction, building aggregate cooling, temperature control ofscientific research, explorationof frozen soil, sports venues, mine heat treatment, etc.

Since the advent of the lG series of high-efficiency screw compressors, they have been well-received by users at home and abroad for their great performance and reliability. The series products have won the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of shandong Province, first Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress of Ministry of Education, Special Awardof scientific and Technological Progress of chinese Association of Refrigeration and second Prize for National scientific andTechnological in 2006. MOON-TECH continues to carry out scientific research, and has made key breakthroughs in workingmedia, operating conditions, energy efficiency indicators, etc, and succesfully achieved the transformation and upgrading olscrew compressor manufacturing and application. The project of"Key Technologies R&D and Application of screw Compressoiwith special Medium under Extreme Working Conditions" won the first Prize for scientific and Technological Progress of Yeal 2019 China Machinery Industry.