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Oil, Gas & Chemical

Combining the technical achievements in professional fields such as refrigeration, heating, compression, etc., with reliable and efficient products and perfect service guarantee, MOON-TECH can provide precise "pressure" and "temperature" conditions for various applications in industries such as energy and chemical process cooling, pressurization, transportation and liquefaction of energy gas and chemical exhaust gas, power station boilers and industrial heat exchange.

With the profound changes in the global energy structure, as well as the continuous deepening of the adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the petrochemical industry, energy and chemical equipment industry making breakthroughs in key technologies and upgrading the whole industry by taking "clean, efficient, low-carbon, and safe" as the development direction.

Based on a complete R&D and manufacturing platform, MOON-TECH actively cultivates cutting-edge technology development capabilities, enhances product core competitiveness, improves system integration service capabilities, and continuously promotes the intensive, green and sustainable development of our country's energy and chemical industry.

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