Intelligent-Green Energy-Ecology
Brine-Way Ice Making:
brine-way ice making is a kind of indirect ice making method which is widely used and has a long history. The ice made by brine is solid, not easy to melt, and easy to store and transport. It is widely used in fishery, food industry, transportation industry and medical institutions. However, brine-way ice making belongs to indirect refrigeration system with high energy consumption. How to reduce the energy consumption of brine-way ice making is the most concerned problem for enterprises. The scientific design of Moon-tech CO2 refrigeration system and ice making pool can solve this problem well.
Other Industrial Ice Making:
Moon-tech can provide a full range of ice making products, such as flake ice machine, tube ice machine, plate ice machine, ice slurry machine, etc.
Efficient and Energy Saving Refrigeration System
According to the specific characteristics and actual needs of the project, MOON-TECH can select the appropriate working medium and system to design the most suitable refrigeration system solution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, MOON-TECH has developed CO2 refrigeration system, led the large-scale application of CO2 refrigeration system, and promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized commercial refrigeration products. It promotes the technological progress of food freezing, fresh deep processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other related industries that need artificial refrigeration. The use of ice making system makes CO2 refrigeration system more reasonable.
Project case