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New Business

Smart service: Based on product technology innovation, build an "integrated-smart-ecological" MICC cloud platform, use digital technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and realize customer/product life cycle services, multi-business platform collaboration and Big data analysis and application, empowering the industrial ecology and ultimately achieve multi-party value creation and win-win situation.

Hydrogen energy development: Based on the advantages of the MOON-TECH refrigeration and heating technology and equipment, the MOON-TECH Hydrogen Energy Research Institute integrates related traditional industries, incubates emerging industries, and is committed to technological breakthroughs in the industrialization of hydrogen energy, forming a complete industrial chain of hydrogen production/storage/transmission/use and hydrogen energy distribution system, to implement the conversion of new and old energy.

Clean emissions: MOON-TECH is actively expanding its clean treatment business segment. MOON-TECH series of environmental pollution prevention and control equipment can assist corporate users to achieve pollution and waste discharge standards. At the same time, the energy in the pollution and waste can be reused, which not only protects the environment, but also saves money and reduces costs. On the basis of efficiency enhancement, such solutions comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.   

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