Chairman Address
Undertaking. Integration. Breakthrough
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Chairman Chairman
Chairman Address
It's the mission of MOON-TECH to forge ahead towards excellence.
MOON-TECH is an enterprise, but also a cause to which generations have been dedicated and devoting their efforts and hard work. Together with our clients and other relevant parties, we have jointly made MOON-TECH a trustworthy international enterprise in today's industry. To this end, we extend our high respect and heartfelt thanks to the hard work and dedication of the older generation of MOON-TECH and to the constant trust and support of our clients!

Excellence requires inheritance and innovation. Next, we will focus on one objective, strengthen the three driving forces, arrange three development paths and realize five changes, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of MOON-TECH.

One Objective refers to the strategic goal of MOON-TECH: With global mindset, down-to-earth planning and implementation, innovative thinking, resource integration, we will make MOON-TECH become an intelligent clean energy system solution service provider through ten years of efforts.

Three Driving Forces refer to the technological innovation, excellent operation and corporate culture.

Three Development Paths refer to the production & operation, asset management and capital operation. The Five Changes are: the development mode to be shifted from product manufacturing to service providing, the growth mode to be shifted from quantitative growth to quality-based endogenous growth, the competition mode to be shifted from cost-leading to technology-leading, the business model to be shifting from system integration to intelligent energy services, and the operation mode to be shifted from domestic-leading to global operation.

Remain true to our original aspiration and forge ahead. On the road towards excellence, we will keep forging ahead, be dedicated to our work with gratitude, start business with practical approach, manage with benchmark standards, and develop with honesty and uprightness. and inherit and carry forward the good qualities of the older generation of Moon. We will inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of the older generation of MOON-TECH people, continue to promote value innovation and management innovation, to speed up the process of globalization. We are determined to build MOON-TECH into a multinational company with core competitiveness, beloved by employees and respected by industry partners, and live up to the great trust and expectation of all the people in the society and all MOON-TECH employees.