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Prepared Foods
Frozen prepared foods refer to the packaged foods, such as all kinds of ham products, fish balls, meat balls, dumplings, spring rolls, frozen rice, etc., which are stored, transported and sold in the frozen state (product center temperature is below - 18 ℃) after pretreatment, preparation and processing. Raw materials for such frozen prepared foods are agricultural products, livestock and poultry, aquatic products.
Efficient and Energy Saving Refrigeration System
According to the specific characteristics and actual needs of the project, MOON-TECH can select the appropriate working medium and system to design the most suitable refrigeration system solution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, MOON-TECH has developed CO2 refrigeration system, led the large-scale application of CO2 refrigeration system, and promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized commercial refrigeration products. It promotes the technological progress of food freezing, fresh deep processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other related industries that need artificial refrigeration. CO2 is especially suitable for low temperature refrigeration systems such as individual freezer, quick freezing room and cold storage in frozen prepared food processing.

Individual Quick Freezer (IQF)
The individual quick freezer is the most common quick freezing equipment for the processing of prepared food. MOON-TECH has established a high-performance quick freezing laboratory, which can simulate the freezing state of various frozen products. According to the freezing curve, the individual quick freezer is designed scientifically and professionally. Moon-tech has also undertaken the research & development and demonstration of low energy consumption and high intelligence quick freezing device, which is a key R & D project of China's 13th five year plan - prepared food key technology and new product research and development of new quick freezing technology and equipment. The technology of spiral individual quick freezer and tunnel individual quick freezer of MOON-TECH is in the forefront of the world.
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