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Freeze-Dried Food
Freeze-dried food: It is the process of sublimation dehydration and drying of various materials containing moisture in a low-temperature freezing vacuum state. It is carried out under the condition of anaerobic and dark light. Its thermal degeneration is small and it effectively maintains the color, fragrance, taste, shape of fresh food. Such process can maximize the preservation of various vitamins, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrients as well as chlorophyll, biological enzymes, amino acids and flavor substances in food.
Rich Food Freeze-Drying Technology and Experience
The design concept of MTFD equipment is mainly suitable for deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. The complete set of equipment has advanced and reasonable technical configuration, reliable operation and low energy consumption. In the technical design of temperature, pressure and time in pre-freezing, vacuum, heat medium, refrigeration, and material transportation, the MOON-TECH has 30 years of experience and a complete set of process standards and parameters to ensure the quality and appearance of the processed food .
Pharmaceutical Freeze-Drying Technology
Compared with the current mainstream first-line equipment, the land occupation of MOON-TECH pharmaceutical freeze-drying equipment is reduced by 36% and 18%. Based on the leading technology of MOON-TECH refrigeration industry for many years, to create a more extreme refrigeration system, the cold trap temperature can reach 85 degrees below zero. The precisely designed silicone oil channel ensures the product temperature uniformity, and the rapid cooling technology after SIP shortens the downtime between production batches. LYOMINI series laboratory-type and pilot-type freeze dryer, LYOROCK series product-type freeze dryer, penicillin bottle feeding and discharging system, high-speed feeding and discharging system with small volume, low-temperature feeding and discharging system, and APIs freeze-drying feeding and discharging system perfectly serve the whole development and manufacturing process of the pharmaceutical industry.
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