Intelligent-Green Energy-Ecology
At present, the main types of poultry processed and slaughtered are broilers, ducks, and a small amount of special poultry such as goose, turkey, quail, and pigeon. At present, poultry products are mainly quick-frozen cut products, and other products include quick-frozen products, cold fresh pork, cold fresh cut products, cooked food products, etc. The proportion of cold fresh products is gradually increasing.
Due to the different needs of the market for chicken products, the meat and poultry processing techniques are also slightly different. International practice is: hanging live chicken → electric stunning → slaughtering → draining blood → scalding → defeathering → flushing → removing head and trachea → cutting claws → changing hang → opening → taking viscera → washing → changing hang → pre-cooling → measurement and classification → packaging. The packaged broiler products are frozen in the freezing room and then sent to storage. The internal organs including heart, liver, gizzards are cleaned, washed and pre-cooled, then bagged, sent into the abdominal cavity of broilers or frozen.
Pre-cooling Technology
In the processing of poultry products, the most important link is the precooling technology. After the broiler is slaughtered, the chicken body temperature should be reduced to ≤4 degrees in the shortest time. Now, many manufacturers even require that the temperature be ≤2 degrees. The traditional "flake ice + cold water" scheme consumes a lot of energy, while the red water unit system can save about 25% ~ 35% of power.
Efficient and Energy Saving Refrigeration System
According to the specific characteristics and actual needs of the project, MOON-TECH can select the appropriate working medium and system to design the most suitable refrigeration system solution. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, safety and energy conservation, MOON-TECH has developed CO2 refrigeration system, led the large-scale application of CO2 refrigeration system, and promoted the upgrading of domestic and foreign large and medium-sized commercial refrigeration products. It promotes the technological progress of food freezing, fresh deep processing, chemical industry, pharmaceutical and other related industries that need artificial refrigeration. CO2 is especially suitable for low temperature refrigeration systems such as individual freezer, quick freezing room and cold storage in poultry processing industry.
Solution For Cold-Heat Coupling System In Wide Temperature Range
On the premise that the normal operation of the refrigeration system is not affected, the condensation heat of the refrigeration system can be recovered and treated by the high temperature heat pump unit to provide hot water and steam. The perfect configuration ratio of refrigeration pump and heat pump realizes the combined cooling and heating, optimizes the system performance, ensures a high comprehensive COP, and saves the boiler and electric heating equipment. The condensation heat recovered can by used to provide 30 ~ 60 ℃ low-temperature hot water by simple sensible heat recovery, which can be used for ground cleaning, hand washing and shower. Sensible heat recovery plus high-temperature heat pump or only through high-temperature heat pump can recover 60 ~ 90 ℃ high-temperature water for process water or domestic heating;
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