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Semi-Hermetic Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit
Product Overview

Product Model: BF16S—BF20L series

Applicable Working Fluid: R507, R744, etc.

Nominal Working Condition: +40/-40—+7℃

Nominal Cooling Capacity: 74.8KW—1652KW

Application Range: all working conditions of high temperature, medium temperature, and low temperature.


The compressor adopts a semi-closed form with fewer wearing parts;

Multiple units can be connected in parallel, with flexible cooling capacity adjustment for convenient use;

Equipped with energy adjustment device, high degree of automation;

Data can be shared in the cloud for real-time monitoring.

Product Application

This series of products are widely used in industries such as poultry and livestock meat, aquatic products processing, brewing, dairy, fruit juice beverages, etc., as well as process cooling links in chemical, electronics, textile and other industries.

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