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AIST CO2 Module Unit
R & D Background

AIST series carbon dioxide module unit is a new type of high efficiency refrigeration equipment based on the promotion and application experience of carbon dioxide refrigeration technology and related refrigeration system of ice wheel. The unit uses a number of innovative technologies, such as carbon dioxide screw compressor, no liquid storage micro pressure drop small charge condenser, combined rotary gas-liquid separation and microgravity liquid level control technology, automatic intelligent control technology and other innovative technologies. The whole machine is skid mounted, without refrigeration control room. It is safe, energy-saving and environmental protection. At present, the unit has been widely used at home and abroad.

Product Overview

Refrigerant: NH3/CO2

Nominal Working Condition: -38/+40℃

Unit Cooling Capacity: 271—526KW

CO2 Pump Flow: 6-10m³/h

NH3 Filling Amount: 110-220Kg

CO2 Filling Amount: 2700—5200Kg


The unit adopts NH3 and CO2 refrigerants which are safe, environmental friendly and energy saving, with excellent environmental protection performance.

Modular design, equipped with container housing, no need for machine room, easy for operation and maintenance;

Frequency conversion start and run, no impulse current, significant energy saving advantage;

High degree of system automation reduces the manual commissioning time and the operation cost;

Integrated active defense system, real-time monitoring and alarm, with spray device, high safety;

The cooling capacity per unit volume of CO2 is higher, and the heat transfer efficiency is higher;

As refrigerant, CO2 has excellent transmission and heat transfer performance.

Product Application

AIST series carbon dioxide modular units are widely used in cryogenic refrigeration in food processing, low-temperature process cooling in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, process cooling in dangerous operation area, artificial environment and other fields.


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