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GEPT-R290 CO2 High Efficiency Phase Change Refrigerating Unit
R & D Background

Moon-tech continuously leads the technological reform of CO2 refrigeration system and actively expands the application field of CO2 refrigeration technology. GEPT-R290 CO2 high efficiency phase change refrigerating unit is mainly used in chemical process cooling, and can replace traditional chiller and cryogenic brine unit. This product can fundamentally solve metal corrosion, heat exchange temperature difference, circulating pump power and other problems caused by brine refrigerant.

Product Overview

R290 compressor adopts API619 standard design, sealing and reliability are improved significantly.

The overall explosion-proof design of the unit improves safety;

Using falling film evaporator, efficient heat exchange;

Application of environmentally friendly working fluids, R290 and R744 (CO2)

The unit has high COP (energy efficiency ratio), low circulating pump power and low operating cost.

Product Application

This product is widely used in chemical process cooling to replace traditional cold brine unit products.

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