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GHWS-HFO High-Temperature Water&Steam All-In-One Machine
R & D Background

In response to the national energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection policies, this series of products recycle the condensed waste heat discharged from the refrigeration industry with high-temperature hot water or steam demand, so as to improve the energy utilization efficiency.

Product Overview

This product can directly produce high temperature steam with temperature up to 128 ℃, so as to meet the requirements of most industrial hot steam processes. At the same time, it can avoid a large amount of energy waste and eliminate the impact of waste heat and coal-fired boiler on the environment.

Steam pressure: 1.5bar, hot water temperature: 132 ℃

Evaporation side: 70 ℃ waste heat source, evaporation temperature: 60 ℃

Steam production: 310kg / h


Respond to energy saving and emission reduction policies and reduce operating expenses;

Use environmentally friendly working fluid, non-flammable, non-toxic, and safe;

All water circuits are made of stainless steel to avoid fouling and ensure steam cleanliness;

The unit is pry-mounted, with compact structure, small floor area, and easy for installation.

Product Application

This series of products can be used in dairy, poultry and livestock slaughter and other production plants or other places with low-grade heat source emissions and high-temperature hot water or hot steam demand.

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