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Helium Compressor Unit
R & D Background

The helium compressor unit is jointly developed by Moon-tech and Xi 'an Jiaotong University. The helium screw compressor is mainly used in cryogenic refrigeration (as low as -271℃), helping the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a large low-temperature refrigeration system from liquid helium to superfluid helium temperature zone. This research and development project fills the relevant technological gap in China and reaches the international advanced level. The main technical indexes such as volume efficiency and isothermal efficiency of helium compressor unit are in the international leading level. This product is of great significance to research and development in military, national defense, aerospace, nuclear technology, superconducting technology.

Product Overview

At present, natural gas is the most important source of helium, and helium can be collected for utilization by means of absorption, membrane separation, and cryogenic condensation. The cryogenic condensation method is currently widely used in various countries to extract helium from natural gas. It usually consists of gas source pretreatment & purification, crude helium extraction and helium refining processes.

Product Application

After being pressurized by compressor, helium can be used for cryogenic research, gas phase analysis, welding, leak detection, chemical vapor deposition, crystal growth, special gas mixture, etc. it can also be used as standard gas, balance gas, medical gas, or to inflate a balloon, tube, wetsuit, etc.

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