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Hydrogen Energy Product
R & D Background

Hydrogen is a clean energy produced in nature and can make up for the shortcomings of conventional energy and renewable energy (solar, wind, hydropower). In the past, most of the key equipment in the entire industrial chain of domestic hydrogen production, purification, storage, transportation, and application was imported from abroad. The core technology was severely restricted by developed countries and could not meet the requirements of the rapid development of the hydrogen energy industry.

Product Overview

Main products: hydrogen fuel cell air compressor, hydrogen circulation pump, hydrogen liquefaction compressor, hydrogen compressor for hydrogen refueling station

As a key component of the hydrogen fuel cell, the hydrogen fuel cell air compressor is a key equipment to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the fuel cell. According to the different parameters such as the power and flow rate of the adapted stack, it is divided into more than 10 models. The efficiency of the fuel cell air compressor can reach more than 60% and the life span can reach 30,000h.

As another key component of the hydrogen fuel cell, the hydrogen circulation pump can effectively improve the hydrogen circulation with high flexibility, which improves the utilization rate of hydrogen. The unique patented structure design ensures the ice breaking function of the hydrogen pump. The efficiency of hydrogen circulation pump can reach more than 60%, the noise is ≤70dB, and the service life can reach 25,000h.

The hydrogen liquefaction compressor, as the main compression equipment for hydrogen boosting and liquefaction, adopts the high-performance helium screw compressor independently developed by MOON-TECH, with auxiliary equipment pry-mounted, to ensure its operation safe and reliable, and ensure high energy efficiency ratio.

The hydrogen compressor used in the hydrogen refueling station mainly adopts a diaphragm compressor. As a reciprocating positive displacement compressor, its performance characteristics determine its outstanding advantages in special gas compression and transportation.

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