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NH3 Micro-Filling Chiller Unit
R & D Background

In order to replace the halo-hydrocarbon refrigerant unit that is about to be phased out, the environment-friendly natural refrigerant - ammonia is adopted, and the unit has a micro-filling rate to reduce the risk of ammonia, and finally achieve the goal of safety, environmental protection and high efficiency. Moon-tech actively promotes the application of environmentally friendly natural refrigerants and optimized technologies for related refrigeration systems. This product adopts screw-type refrigeration compressor unit and is pry-mounted and integrated with auxiliary equipment. It is suitable for refrigerant system, and can provide air-conditioning ice water or cryogenic brine.

Product Overview

Use natural ammonia as refrigerant, environmentally friendly, high efficient, micro-filling, safe and reliable;

Adopting permanent magnet variable frequency high-efficiency ammonia semi-enclosed screw compressor, patented profile for rotor, high-efficiency permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor, compressor with high efficiency and high reliability;

U shield + plate for microgravity liquid supply, high heat transfer efficiency, small liquid storage;

Oil separator, oil cooler and condenser are integrated, with compact structure and small volume, and the lubricating oil filling amount is less than 15kg;

The unit integrates the cooling water system, and the start cabinet console is integrated to realize the automatic control of the unit.

Product Application

This product is widely used in cold brine heat exchange and central air conditioning chiller system of process cooling.

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