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Oil-free Screw Steam Expansion Generator Unit
Product Overview

Schematic diagram of steam expansion generator unit

Oil-free screw steam expansion generator unit is a kind of expansion generation equipment which converts steam pressure energy into electric energy. The oil-free screw steam expansion generator unit uses saturated or superheated steam as the medium and is suitable for the exhaust steam with certain pressure.

It can be connected to the grid for power generation, including 400V, 6.3kV, 10.5kV synchronous/asynchronous power generation, or directly drive other equipment according to user's demand.

The unit is equipped with control cabinet and grid connection cabinet to realize one-stop solution for expansion, power generation and grid connection.

The maximum isentropic efficiency can reach 70%.

Inlet temperature range: 100 ~ 200 ℃

Inlet pressure range: 0.2MPa ~ 2.0MPa (maximum expansion ratio of single machine is 20)

Flow range: 0.4 ~ 45t / h

Power range: 30 ~ 1250KW (depending on working conditions)


Mature and stable profile design with independent intellectual property rights, optimized for oil-free conditions.

The noise of suction and exhaust port is reduced significantly by mechanical noise reduction through irregular ripple.

Better speed adaptability, the same expander can be applied to a wider range.

It can be produced by 3D printing, which makes the design and production of the expander more flexible and faster.

Professional brand seal, simple structure, easy to install, excellent sealing, more suitable for variable operating conditions.

Only the main engine of the expander and simple oil auxiliary system are needed, and the unit structure is simple.

Product Application

This product is mainly used in petrochemical industry, iron and steel metallurgy, food & medicine industries.

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