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Unidad de Compresor de CO2
R & D Background

Moon-tech always adhere to safety, environmental protection, energy conservation as the subject of technological innovation, as well as insist the application of natural working medium. Moon has undertaken phases of projects under "Demonstration project of substituting hydrochlorofluorocarbons as working fluids", developed CO2 refrigeration technology and related equipment, promoted the large-scale application of environmentally friendly refrigeration technology in refrigeration industry in our country. Moon-tech has won the United Nations "Model enterprise of Ozone Layer Protection", "Model Enterprise for the 30th Anniversary of Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer". The research and development of CO2 refrigeration system and the promotion and application of related products have reduced the damage to the ozone layer and curbed the further deterioration of global warming, demonstrating Moon-tech's environmental concept of "harmonious coexistence between human and environment".

Product Overview

Refrigerant: CO2

Ozone depletion potential ODP=0, global warming potential GWP=1

Compressor type: open type (LG series single-stage, single-machine double-stage), semi-enclosed type (BF series)

Nominal Working Condition: -40/-12℃

Cooling Capacity: 240KW—958KW

Oil Cooling Method: Liquid cooling or water cooling

Automation: Fully automatic


Safety: refrigerated food is safer. CO2 enters the operation room and warehouse as a green and safe refrigerant, which can avoid the potential food contamination by other refrigerant; the system is safer to operate. The high-temperature level of the NH3/CO2 refrigeration system uses a very small amount of ammonia and only for use in the computer room. After the ammonia active defense system is set up, there are a series of protection measures such as automatic detection, ventilation, alarm, and spraying in the computer room to provide a strong guarantee for the safe operation of the system. At the same time, the CO2 in the system is non-flammable, and if it leaks during a fire, CO2 can act as fire retardant;

Energy saving: High degree of automation of CO2 refrigeration system reduces manual commissioning time and operating cost; High cooling capacity per unit volume of CO2 and higher heat exchange efficiency; As a refrigerant, CO2 has excellent transmission and heat transfer performance.

Environmental protection: Natural refrigerant is used in NH3/CO2 refrigeration system.

CO2: Ozone depletion potential ODP=0, global warming potential GWP=1; NH3: Ozone depletion potential ODP=0, global warming potential GWP=0. The promotion of the system avoids the destruction of the ozone layer, curbs global warming, and demonstrates Moon-tech's environmental concept of "harmonious coexistence between human and environment".


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