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Waste Heat Utilization-ORC Screw Expansion Unit
R & D Background

Based on product technology innovation, Moon-tech provides users with intelligent energy solutions and empowerment platform, and promotes the comprehensive, interconnected and complementary utilization of energy with artificial environment control technology. We have established a refrigeration/heat/water/steam/electricity/sewage/waste multi-energy complementary system, to achieve multiple intensification of equipment, functions and resources.

Product Overview

Based on the principle of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), low-grade heat sources are used to generate power: heat energy from other media is obtained through low-boiling organic working fluid and converted into pressure energy, and pressure energy is converted into mechanical energy through an expander. The generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Power range: 75~1800KW (depending on working conditions)

Cooling method: flexible cooling methods, including air cooling, water cooling, evaporative cooling, etc.

Product series: SRE25S~40M series

Medium: 100℃/150℃ hot water

Flow rate: 15~120t/h

Installed power: 220~560kW

Actual power generation: 199~477kW


Mature and stable profile design with independent intellectual property rights;

The suction and exhaust ports of the expander head adopt mechanical noise reduction through irregular ripple, and the noise is significantly reduced;

With better speed adaptability, the same expander can be used more widely;

It can be produced by 3D printing, which makes the design and production of the expander more flexible and faster.

The rotor is processed by high-precision British and German CNC grinders with a machining error of 0.001mm;

It can be connected to the grid for power generation, including 400V, 6.3kV, 10.5kV synchronous/asynchronous power generation, or directly drive other equipment according to the user's demand

The unit is equipped with control cabinet and grid-connected cabinet to provide users with one-stop solutions for expansion, power generation and grid connection.

High reliability: low working speed of screw expansion, few moving parts, low maintenance cost.

Simple operation: remote control, high degree of automation

Heat source temperature range: the lowest temperature of the recovery heat source can be up to 80℃, and the flow rate can vary widely.

Product Application

ORC oil injection screw expansion generator units are mainly used in places with low grade heat sources of 80℃-250℃, such as waste heat, waste steam and flue gas generated in petroleum refining, steelmaking, thermal power generation, chemical synthesis and other processes, and can also be used in geothermal power generation, solar power generation, biomass power generation and other new energy sectors.

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