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Ice-making equipment and facilities provided by SHENZHOU REFRIGERATION for Beijing Winter Olympics Game 2022
Date:2021.11.29 Size

Beijing Winter Olympics Game will be held in February 2022 in Beijing, that is the first time for China.

SHENZHOU REFRIGERATION is a specialized company focusing on environmental protection cold chain equipment and it is fully subsidiary company of MOON-TECH. 

The company's main products include screw and piston refrigeration units, complete refrigeration rooms, cold chain refrigeration units, industrial cooling special units, deep cooling compound units, and heat pump drying units. 

With years of technology development, Shenzhou successfully signed the contract of supplying refrigeration equipment for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games National Speed Skating Stadium and the National Stadium Ice Rink project in 2020, and now both projects are successfully started to make ice at one time.

Characteristic and feature of the Refrigeration equipment for ice-making described as follows,

1. Speed Skating Stadium project

The world's first CO2 trans critical direct evaporative cooling of the Winter Olympic speed skating arena and for the ice surface is the largest in Asia

The design and application of 14 cubic meters CO2 accumulator & pump unit is the first in the world

the application of centralized medium-pressure oil return on CO2 ice system is the first in the world

The application of centralized medium pressure oil return on CO2 ice making system is the first case in the world; the application of ultra-long stainless steel cold drainage pipe for artificial ice rink is the first case in the world.

The application of ultra-long stainless steel cold row pipe for artificial ice rink is the first of its kind in the world;.

The use of environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant, ODP is zero, no pollution to the environment; fully consider the comprehensive use of energy, the system year-round stainless steel cold row application for the first time in the world.

Fully consider the comprehensive use of energy, the system can achieve a yearly electricity saving of about 2 million degrees.

2. Ice Rink project

The unit adopts high efficiency variable frequency adjustment technology to achieve precise control of glycol temperature, economizer and oil cooling, with high efficiency energy saving and mutual backup function of equipment, safely guaranteeing zero interruption of system operation.

The system adopts R449A new type environmental protection refrigerant, which meets the green environmental protection requirements.

The ice making main unit adopts high efficiency evaporation system design with full liquid and heat return

Ice making mainframe is equipped with high efficiency waste heat recovery device.

The reliable design, high quality equipment, sound installation and commission ensure that the Winter Olympics will be held perfectly and smoothly.

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