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Two innovative products of MOON-TECH passed scientific and technological appraisal
Date:2020.09.08 Size

On September 4th, the Chinese Society of Refrigeration organized a scientific and technological evaluation meeting for the MOON-TECH "low-energy intelligent tunnel-type continuous freezing and quick-freezing equipment" and "key technology for intelligent operation of cold storage" in Beijing.

The evaluation meeting expert group is composed of well-known academicians and professors in the refrigeration industry. Zhang Huiming, vice president of MOON-TECH, Liu Changfeng, chief technical expert, Jiang Shaoming, director of the science and technology development department, and Zhang Chao, director of the design department of the R&D and manufacturing division attended the evaluation meeting. The meeting was chaired by Jin Jiawei, Chairman of the Chinese Society of Refrigeration.

The expert group recognized MOON-TECH’s efforts in the freezing and refrigeration industry over the years. After evaluation, the expert group agreed that the overall technology of the two projects has reached the international advanced level, has obvious technical characteristics in many aspects, and some technical indicators have reached international standards. Leading level, it is recommended to speed up the promotion and application of products.

"Low energy consumption and intelligent tunnel-type continuous freezing and quick-freezing equipment" was jointly developed by MOON-TECH, the Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Shanghai Ocean University. The project relies on the national key research and development plan "Prefabricated food manufacturing key technology and new product research and new quick freezing technology and equipment development" (Project number: ·2018YFD0400600), in view of the high energy consumption of traditional quick-freezing equipment, low unit production capacity, large equipment area, low level of intelligence, etc., systematically carry out freezing process, air flow organization, equipment energy saving and intelligent technology loading Research on other key technologies, developed product prototypes, and completed the industrialization and application of livestock and poultry and cut pork in leading enterprises in the industry, aiming to improve the energy efficiency and intelligence level of China's quick freezing equipment.

The "Key Technology for Intelligent Operation of Freezing and Refrigeration" was jointly developed by MOON-TECH and Xi'an Jiaotong University. The project realized the automation, digitization, network, and intelligent operation of domestic medium and large-scale refrigeration systems. The refrigeration energy-saving technology and the health management technology of the refrigeration system based on data-driven and knowledge-based reasoning have reached the international leading level. The project has been successfully promoted in more than 20 companies and has been highly recognized by customers.

In the future, MOON-TECH will continue to revitalize the national industry and achieve customer value as its own responsibility. Through continuous technological innovation, it will develop more energy-saving and efficient products and strive to fulfill its corporate mission of "committed to improving the quality of human life".