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Helium compressor developed by MOON-TECH entered the list of the first set of major equipment projects
Date:2021.04.29 Size

Recently, the National Energy Administration (NEA) evaluated and announced the first batch of the first set of major technology and equipment projects in the field of energy, with a total of 26 projects.

Among them, the new high-efficiency helium screw compressor in the field of hydrogen liquefaction developed by MOON-TECH also entered the list of the first batch of major technology and equipment projects in the energy field.

Helium screw compressor is mainly used in ultra-low temperature refrigeration (down to -271℃), such as liquid helium temperature zone large cryogenic refrigeration system. The system is the refrigeration temperature in the 4.5K temperature range, cooling capacity of several hundred or even more than 10,000 Kw, a set of process optimization and control technology, gas bearing turbine expander technology, helium compressor and efficient oil filter technology, complex low temperature system for the integration of regulation and control technology, can provide important strategic support for the national aerospace, large scientific devices and other high-tech fields. It is of great significance to China's aerospace, nuclear technology, superconducting technology development and other fields.

Helium Screw Compressor

On October 21, 2018, the new product appraisal meeting of "helium screw compressor and water vapor screw compressor" jointly developed by MOON-TECH Environment and Xi'an Jiaotong University was held in Yantai. The appraisal meeting was jointly sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association, and hosted by MOON-TECH. The expert group was composed of famous academicians, professors and researchers from enterprises and institutions.

The expert group of the appraisal committee inspected the test operation status of helium compressor and water vapor compressor, made field visits to the production site, processing equipment and experimental center and reviewed all technical data. The project team made a detailed report on the whole project development process, and completed the expert group's questioning, defense and demonstration. The appraisal committee believes that: helium screw compressor" and "water vapor screw compressor" two projects to fill the gaps in the country, the overall performance of the prototype reached the international advanced level, which "helium screw compressor" project volume efficiency, isothermal efficiency and "water vapor screw compressor" project of the main technical indicators are in the international leading level, product identification completed, should be widely promoted and applied.

Helium Compressor Product Appraise (Oct. 2018)

The successful development of the new high-efficiency helium screw compressor and water vapor screw compressor is a milestone event for the successful expansion of the environment from industrial and commercial refrigeration and cold storage to industrial ultra-low temperature, process gas compression and energy-saving utilization of waste heat, and a good start for MOON-TECH to adjust its industrial layout and take the road of transformation and upgrading.

In the future, while continuing to expand and strengthen the traditional advantageous markets such as refrigeration and freezing and central air conditioning, MOON-TECH will focus on the business core of "artificial environment control and comprehensive energy utilization", reasonably adjust the resource allocation, optimize the industrial structure, and actively expand the application fields such as environmental protection heat production and industrial gas compression, so as to make more active efforts for the enterprise development and social progress.

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