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MOON-TECH breaks through four core technologies of hydrogen energy
Date:2021.05.24 Size

Preface: As a kind of secondary energy with wide source, clean and carbon-free, flexible and efficient, and rich application scenarios, hydrogen energy is an ideal energy carrier to promote the clean and efficient use of energy and support the large-scale development of renewable energy, and it is also the best choice to realize large-scale deep decarbonization in aerospace, transportation, industrial and civil fields. In the field of hydrogen energy development, with its own technological innovation and market advantages, MOON-TECH, together with Shandong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and other universities and research institutes that have outstanding advantages in the research of hydrogen energy equipment industry technology, established "Shandong MOON-TECH Hydrogen Technology Research Institute Co. Relying on the technical advantages of universities and research institutes and the equipment manufacturing experience accumulated by MOON-TECH for 65 years, the MOON-TECH Hydrogen Research Institute aims at the key technology of hydrogen energy industry development and deploys hydrogen energy equipment research and development from the industrial chain of hydrogen production, liquefaction, storage, transportation and application.


On May 12, the product technical appraisal meeting of was held in Yantai. The Products are the “oil-injected screw hydrogen transport compressor, fuel cell air compressor, fuel cell hydrogen circulating pump and high pressure hydrogenation compressor” jointly developed by Shandong MOON-TECH Hydrogen Energy Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., Xi’an Jiaotong University, the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Yantai Dongde Industrial Co. Ltd.

This appraisal meeting was organized by China General Machinery Industry Association, and the product appraisal expert group was composed of professors, researchers and industry experts. The meeting was chaired by Huang Li, president of China General Machinery Industry Association.


The expert group listened to the summary report of the development unit, reviewed the relevant documents and information, inspected the production and test site, and finally formed the following resolution after sufficient questioning and discussion:  Both the "oil-injected screw hydrogen transfer compressor" and the "hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen circulation pump" have filled the gaps in China, and the overall performance has reached the international advanced level, among which the main technical indexes of the "oil-injected screw hydrogen transfer compressor The main technical indexes of "oil-injected screw hydrogen transfer compressor" and "hydrogen fuel cell hydrogen circulation pump", such as adiabatic efficiency, water removal and ice-breaking technology, are at the international leading level. The main performance indexes of "fuel cell air compressor" and the overall performance of "high-pressure hydrogen refueling compressor" have reached the international advanced level.


The successful passing of this appraisal meeting is a landmark of the successful expansion of MOON-TECH in the field of hydrogen energy and a successful practice of adjusting the industrial structure of MOON-TECH and realizing the green transformation of energy. On the basis of maintaining the traditional industrial advantages, MOON-TECH will take technological innovation as the driving force, give full play to the collaborative innovation mechanism of industry, university and research, carry out research on major equipment and key technologies of hydrogen energy industry, promote the industrialization and application of hydrogen energy scientific and technological achievements, build a high-level hydrogen energy talent team, and provide strong technical support for the development of China's hydrogen energy industry!



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