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A new engine for "smart manufacturing"! The world's first digital native factory for complex discrete compressors in the industrial refrigeration and air-conditioning industry was born in Yantai
Date:2021.06.30 Size

On June 26, Hartford Compressor Digital Factory Launching Ceremony was held in Yantai, Shandong Province, the world's first complex discrete compressor digital native factory in the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning industry was officially launched. Refrigeration industry leader MOON-TECH, as a tribute to the third "World Refrigeration Day".


On the morning of the 26th, the long-awaited opening ceremony of the Hartford Compressor Digital Factory was successfully held. Wang Jun and Jiang Yi, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tao Wenquan and He Yaling, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and leaders of various industry organizations, famous experts and professors from universities and institutes, representatives of customers and strategic partners of the supply chain of MOON-TECH attended the opening ceremony and witnessed this important historical moment of the refrigeration HVAC industry together with the builders of MOON-TECH.

In the new industrial era characterized by "interconnection, data, sharing, platform and green", "digital intelligence" has become a key proposition for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry. Ltd. has grasped the pulse of the times, and explored the new direction of digital transformation for the industry with the power of independent innovation, while promoting the development of productivity and the change of production relations.


 From "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", the company has been striving for a long time, and now it has made a great effort to announce to the world that it has entered a new era of "digital intelligence" and high-quality development with the Hartford Compressor Digital Factory.


Hartford Compressor Digital Factory is located in Yantai Laishan District, Dunham-Bush Road, jointly invested and built by MOON-TECH and Dunham Bush (China).


At the launching ceremony, Li Zengqun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the MOON Group, introduced the factory with the goal of "making world-class compressor products with high efficiency and high quality", using digital technology to unify the brain, unified execution, unified IOT and unified collaboration. Among them, the brain system covers the whole system, the intelligent control center commands the whole situation, more than 1,000 processes run online, more than 100 management robots replace nearly 20 positions, realizing the goal of management for efficiency and quality; the execution system brings together nearly 50 systems, and automatically generates plans to the machine and to the minute according to the model algorithms of delivery time, superior inventory, parallel operation and priority of production orders, so as to achieve short delivery time and balanced production. The system can automatically generate plans to the machine and to the minute to achieve short delivery time and balanced production. Quality control and production order correlation penetration, self-calibration and self-judgment, to achieve high quality and high efficiency of the production order; IOT system links hundreds of intelligent units such as equipment, robots, intelligent park. Among them, nearly 40 are unattended, more than 10,000 collection points, lively robots become employees, craftsmanship manufacturing quality. Intelligent security, factory roaming and comprehensive energy efficiency control are unified to the integrated platform of smart park, which becomes a green and low-carbon energy-saving factory; the collaboration system automatically transmits demands with MOON-TECH, Dunham Bush, OEM customers and suppliers online, and the information is visually symmetrical, which improves the efficiency and quality of collaboration.

It is noteworthy that the intelligent assembly line, which is independently developed and designed and completed by MOON-TECH, has subverted the assembly and manufacturing process of large compressors. The production line system spans design, process, electrical, information, mathematics and other fields, and uses "machinery and equipment as the body, human-machine interconnection as the pulse, and intelligent data as the brain" to combine the wisdom of engineers and AI to reconfigure the assembly process, solving the problem of customizing the production of thousands of varieties of open, semi-sealed and fully-sealed screw compressors in a mixed line; breaking through the High-precision assembly and quality intelligent control technology; self-developed LOS system collaborative control of six intelligent units, to achieve the core process completely digital and intelligent; the use of digital twin technology to achieve continuous iteration of the production line.


Compared with the traditional factory, the compressor intelligent factory can achieve 50% reduction in staff, 40% increase in production capacity, 60% reduction in delivery time, full coverage of equipment networking rate and data penetration rate, and significant improvement in quality consistency, with production efficiency more than three times that of traditional compressor manufacturing, and can produce more than 10,000 compressors annually. In addition to meeting the needs of the MOON system itself, the plant will also become a global compressor R&D and manufacturing center, providing high quality and high performance compressors for global users.


The good reputation and innovative spirit of exploration accumulated by the industry over the years are becoming a "high light" for the company to attract customers. Ltd., one of the leading national enterprises in agricultural industrialization and one of the leading tuna processing and trading companies in China, signed a project contract with the contractor at the ceremony. The reporter learned from the scene that the first batch of refrigeration compressors manufactured by the intelligent production line of Hartford Compressor Digital Factory will go to Zhoushan in the near future to work for the comprehensive aquatic processing base.

"In the rolling tide of the new industrial era, as a traditional manufacturing enterprise in transition, MOON-TECH is going to be on the cutting edge., and we have no choice." As Li Zengqun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of MOON Group, said in his speech, digital transformation is a long-term and difficult task, and what MOON wants to do is to "step out of the comfort zone", respond to the uncertainty of the external environment with innovative changes, build an advanced manufacturing technology ecology, and become a model of digital solutions for discrete manufacturing enterprises In addition, the company will truly form an intelligent manufacturing model for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, and promote the overall upgrading and high-quality development of the industry.



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