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MOON-TECH and YEDA Economic Development Group Sign Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement
Date:2022.12.13 Size

Recently, Moon Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and Yantai YEDA Economic Development Group Co., Ltd. held a ceremony to sign a strategic cooperation framework agreement. Li Zengqun, the Party Secretary and Chairman of MOON-TECH, and Li Jianxue, the Party Secretary, Chairman, and General Manager of YEDA Economic Development Group, delivered speeches at the event. Jiao Yuxue, Vice President of MOON-TECH, and Ding Changming, Vice General Manager of YEDA Economic Development Group, represented their respective sides in signing the strategic cooperation framework agreement.

YEDA Economic Development Group is a state-owned enterprise formed in accordance with the requirements to deepen the reform of the park system and mechanisms, and to innovate the "Administrative Committee plus Ten Companies" mechanism. Its business scope covers four major sectors: financial holdings, innovation and entrepreneurship, investment promotion, and energy supply. In the energy supply sector, the group undertakes comprehensive energy services for the Yantai Yellow Sea-Bohai New Area, production of thermal electric energy, supply of thermal energy, and the design and construction of thermal infrastructure, showcasing significant resource and platform advantages.

As a provider of smart green energy system solutions, MOON-TECH has been deeply involved in the energy conservation and environmental protection industry for many years. Advocating a simple, appropriate, green, and low-carbon mode of social production and operation, it is committed to building an interconnected and complementary system of multi-form energy including cold, heat, water, gas, electricity, pollution, and waste, within a wide temperature range of -271°C to 800°C and a pressure range of 0 to 90 MPa, aiming to link the energy ecology of industrial parks with living spaces.

Chairman Li Zengqun stated in his speech that through this strategic cooperation, both parties will leverage China's energy resources, MOON-TECH's technological and talent advantages, and YEDA Economic Development Group's resource and platform advantages to accelerate the construction of a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient modern energy system, and jointly strive to create a national green low-carbon demonstration area.

Chairman Li Jianxue also mentioned in his speech that MOON-TECH and YEDA Economic Development Group share similar professional focuses and core businesses. In an era where the state strongly supports green and low-carbon development, the timing for strategic cooperation between the two parties is both opportune and appropriate.

Next, the two sides will carry out multi-level, multi-field, and comprehensive strategic cooperation around the theme of "building a clean, low-carbon, safe, and efficient modern energy system, and creating a green low-carbon demonstration area." They will jointly invest and build projects that will serve as model projects for sustainable green and low-carbon development, thereby making a positive contribution to the energy strategic transformation and upgrading of the Yantai Yellow Sea-Bohai New Area.