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Moon-Tech's Oil-Free Screw Steam Pressurization Technology Selected in the "2024 National Catalog of Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Technology Equipment in the Industrial and Information Fields"
Date:2024.05.11 Size

In accordance with the implementation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" for Green Industrial Development, to accelerate the promotion and application of advanced and applicable energy-saving technology equipment products, promoting energy conservation, carbon reduction, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement in enterprises, and advancing the improvement of energy efficiency in the industrial and information fields, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced the "2024 National Catalog of Energy-Saving and Carbon-Reduction Technology Equipment in the Industrial and Information Fields." Moon-Tech's Oil-Free Screw Steam Boosting Technology has been successfully selected.

Oil-free screw steam pressurization technology can recover industrial waste heat and low-pressure steam, increase steam pressure through boosting, achieve the production and boosting transmission of high-pressure steam, reutilization of low-pressure steam, and boosting of high-pressure difference MVR systems, among other functions. It can replace industrial steam boilers with its characteristics of high efficiency, energy saving, and environmental protection. This technology fully complies with the national dual carbon goals and can significantly contribute to energy conservation, emission reduction, and carbon reduction, thereby vigorously promoting the development of green energy.

The successful selection of Moon-Tech's Oil-Free Screw Steam Pressurization Technology is a high recognition from the country for Moon-Tech's efforts in achieving the "dual carbon goals." In the future, Moon-Tech will continue to actively practice the concept of green and low-carbon development, accelerate the transformation of traditional industries towards Ecology and low-carbonization around the "dual carbon goals and new energy revolution," promoting the upgrading of industrial structure towards "low-carbon" and "high-quality," and build six major pillars of "low-carbon industry, technology, manufacturing, supply chain, services and low-carbon culture," ultimately achieving high-end industrial structure, low-carbon energy consumption, recycling resource utilization, and clean production processes, contributing Moon-Tech's systematic solution to the realization of the dual carbon goals.